Air Conditioning Geelong works with only accredited and certified technicians to manage your air conditioning requirements. Whether you’re after a new cooling or heating system, installation, service and maintenance or repairs, our team are always happy to attend to your needs.

Cooling Geelong

With hotter summers on the way, an efficient and reliable cooling system will keep you comfortable on those warmer days and nights. We have a range of options to suit varying needs and budgets, and we will work with you to ensure a more than satisfactory outcome for you.

Heating Geelong

At times Winter can make one believe they’re living through another ice age. Add on top of that the wind chill factor and it becomes not fun being outdoors. There’s nothing cosier than a nice warm home when it’s like this outside.

Air Conditioning Geelong can take care of your heating needs. Our super friendly technicians will assess your needs and present a solution to fit both your situation and budget.

Our team only delivers quality work and you can be assured that you’ll never be cold again in your home with one of our installations.